You’ll Think You’ve Struck Gold(stream)

Goldstream Provincial Park is by no means a hidden gem here on Vancouver Island. Famed for its mountainous terrain and it's yearly salmon runs (and all the wildlife that comes with it), the park boasts 937 acres of gorgeous greenery, waterfalls, trestles, mountains, and wildlife: something for everyone.


Stoney Hill Regional Park

Easy to find and easy to climb, Stoney Hill offers a great hike for beginners. Approximately 3 kilometers in length, the trail is undemanding in both athletic and navigational skill: literally anyone can do it.

When the Mountains Meet the Oceans: Exploring Vancouver Island’s Coastal Bluffs

I've always loved the ocean, and ever since moving to British Columbia, I've fallen in love with the mountains, too. So it likely comes as no surprise that I get really excited when the opportunity arises for those interests to intersect. Well, blessed are we who call Vancouver Island home, because these views are readily …

Exploring Sandcut Creek

Jordan River is home to many small wonders: stunning views of the strait, the Cold Shoulder Cafe, a number of abandoned homes that will fall first victim to any tsunami waves approaching the south coast- but a favourite for myself, and many others, is the easily accessed Jordan River Regional Park.

We Found A Secret Waterfall?

Through our many adventures in and around Sooke, we've been graced with the opportunity to connect with a myriad of other explorers in the most incredible ways. We moved here at the beginning of September, the end of Vancouver Island's tourist season, and were immediately met with a warm welcome from locals. The list of "must-see's" grew quickly, and it wasn't long before we were out adventuring the nearby parks for ourselves.

The Many Wonders of Juan de Fuca

Well, like my last post said, the fog rolled in late last Friday and cleared the Vancouver Island's skies of smoke, and my urge to get back out on the trails is back. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get out on the trails for a back-burning trek through the wilderness this weekend, so instead, I sit behind my computer screen editing photos...

The Fog Clears

After almost a month of dense, polluted air and clouded views, the fog rolled in late Friday evening, finally clearing the south coast's skies of smoke. The classic coastal breeze is back to refresh the souls of Sooke, and brought back my wanderlust with it.

Watch Out for Women

It was an ordinary evening just outside a tiny local liquor store on Vancouver Island. Canada Day weekend was approaching, and the small island town was buzzing with tourists and locals alike, preparing themselves for the celebrations of the nation's 150th birthday.