About the Blog

I don’t know why, but those closest to me have always encouraged me to continue writing and taking pictures. Maybe my parents saw a talent from a young age, or perhaps they’ve always wanted someone in the family who would document everything. I doubt they imagined photography and writing would become one of their few direct links to their youngest child, living on the opposite side of the worlds second largest country.

I started this blog long before I moved to Vancouver Island, because I had always had the intention of doing exactly what the name entails: traveling and writing about it. In high school, I dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, venturing the world and selling my photos to magazines like National Geographic. Well, on a more realistic scale, I may one day have a photo featured on Can Geo’s website, but a similar dream lives on in me today.

The content you will find on this blog varies, from personal anecdotes about mental illness to detailing the weekend adventures we have while hiking. Most of the content relates back to nature and well-being, so if that strikes your fancy, you’ve come to the right place.

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