Where Do We Go From Here?

Recently, my partner and I celebrated our first full year on Vancouver Island. The realization of 365 days in paradise also came with a daunting thought: 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, 4 seasons… and what had we done with all that time?

Okay, so we’ve done our fair share, explored our little corner of the world. 2017 was a great year full of whimsy and last minute adventures, but 2018 presents a perfect opportunity to explore with a sense of direction.

Amongst the clear-cut, easily-attained challenges I’ve put out for myself in list form here, I also have some less specific goals I’d also like to achieve. Like introducing myself to people on the trails more often, taking more wildlife photos, meeting up with friends I’ve made online to go hiking together, focusing on making money through my photography, getting comfortable filming in front of others… Those items don’t make the list here because they can’t really get crossed off.

So here’s the bucket list for 2018, all the things I’ve wanted to do since moving to Vancouver Island, but haven’t got the chance to.

  1. Hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, from start to finish.
  2. Meet some more notable VI trees.
  3. Find 5 new hikes in the Sooke area.
    • Pike Point
    • Mt Manuel Quimper
    • Matheson Lake (Conor)
    • Roche Cove
    • Mt Empress
    • Broom Hill
    • Charter’s Creek
    • Sheringham Point Lighthouse
  4. Spend a day out on the water (kayaking, fishing, surfing)
  5. Meet the Pacific Northwest Raptors.
  6. Visit Port Alberni in the summer.
  7. Hike in Tofino.
  8. Spend a night in the backcountry.
  9. Discover another glacier.
  10. Take a water taxi.
  11. Visit another nearby island.
  12. Find a new favourite swim spot (current favourite: Benson Creek)
    • Option 1: Myra Falls
  13. Go snowboarding at Mount Washington.
  14. Climb 5 mountains over 500m.
    • Manuel Quimper
    • Tzoulahem
    • Maxwell
    • Empress
    • Prevost
  15. Camp out on the beach.
  16. Go mountain biking. (Conor)
  17. Tour the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan.
  18. Spend a day on the beaches of Tofino.
  19. Submit a photo for a contest.
  20. Visit the Sooke Night Market.
  21. Visit Strathcona-Westmin Provincial Park in the summer.

I’ve tried to keep the list short, knowing if I add too much to it I’ll never get anything done. If anything on here caught your eye, feel free to message me directly and maybe we can cross some items off our bucket lists together. Or perhaps you’ve already done it all? Share your experience below!


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