Stoney Hill Regional Park

Easy to find and easy to climb, Stoney Hill offers a great hike for beginners. Approximately 3 kilometres in length, the trail is undemanding in both athletic and navigational skill: literally anyone can do it.


From Genoa Bay Road, you’ll turn left onto a small paved public road that may or may not be named Stoney Hill Road. 1.3 kilometres up this apparently unmarked road, you’ll find parking on either side, designated for the trailhead.

The trailhead is at the end of the parking on the right side of the road.

Follow the trail into the woods. Pretty soon (after about 200 meters), the trail you’re on will end at the remains of an old road.

Walking back, we followed this well-trodden path to what seemed to be an old road.

You can either follow the road or the path it breaks off into: the trail is a 3.2k loop with approximately 1 kilometre of hiking parallel to the narrows sandwiched by about 1k of hiking in the woods on each side. Don’t be fooled by the trail marked “More Difficult” – neither route is particularly challenging.

Remember, however, that you will want to be prepared if you choose to visit in adverse weather- always make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear for your hikes. The bluffs are rocky and may be slippery when wet.

Caution! You wouldn’t want to slip and fall.

Whichever route you choose will take you through about a kilometre of beautiful wooded landscapes before you reach your first lookout.


Over the course of a kilometre stretch, you’ll have 5 different lookouts to choose from. Of course, we pretty much stopped in awe of each and every one.

Looking for a map of Stoney Hill regional Park? Thanks to Heavy J’s Official Mt Tzoulahem Website, you can have one!

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