We Found A Secret Waterfall?

Through our many adventures in and around Sooke, we’ve been graced with the opportunity to connect with a myriad of other explorers in the most incredible ways. We moved here at the beginning of September, the end of Vancouver Island’s tourist season, and were immediately met with a warm welcome from locals. The list of “must-see’s” grew quickly, and it wasn’t long before we were out adventuring the nearby parks for ourselves.

By the time the new year rolled around, we were hooked. Our New Year’s resolution was to explore something new each and every week, and so far we’ve damn near done it. We frequent a couple parks that seem to be a bounty of beauty, with some new scene every season. We learned about this one from one of Conor’s coworkers, warned to track our mileage once we saw the first sign for Sombrio: the surfers will often tear down any further indication of beach access in an effort to preserve the secret spot.

TRAVEL TIP: to find the best spots wherever you visit, stop by the local mountaineer, surf or hunt/tackle shop – whatever tickles your fancy – and ask the employees or patrons about their favourite nearby locations. This works especially well in small, local, and specialty stores, where people tend to be especially enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their given trade.

This cascade kickstarted Conor’s captivation: every weekend we were researching a new waterfall after we finally found this one (it took a try or two). We recently returned, eager to experience it for the first time in warm weather, and filmed it to share with everyone back home. Enjoy!

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