My Entire Life is a Comprehensive Psychoanalysis That I Won’t Get Into.

Picture this: it’s your 21st birthday. You’re surrounded by all those you love and their varying levels of success; there’s always one sibling who flourishes in their career, another who seems more fertile than the rest of us put together, and someone’s always just gotten back from vacation. As you listen to them rant passionately about the trip to Cuba, little Jimmy’s first words, or climbing the corporate ladder, you catch yourself longing for that kind of direction. It may only last a minute, or maybe it lingers.

Millennials faced with a challenge no generation prior can relate too. Millions of young adults scrolling through their various forms of social media, exposed to a myriad of different lifestyle options, and left idealizing the choices their peers made instead of appreciating and improving the life they have. Do you dream of expressing yourself creatively? I bet one of your friends is already doing it, and well. Do you wish to one day operate your own business? There’s someone even younger than you who’s doing that, too. Being the best was never an option for millennials, no, just getting noticed. The generation of kids who received participation badges are now wandering through life, just hoping to get their hands on the adult equivalent. So instead of living linear lives like our parents, we amble about with no real ambitions or goals. With a deck stacked against us, success by their standards seems unachievable, so instead we strive for happiness.

…And that’s exactly how I wound up 4500 kilometers from home on an island in the Northern Pacific ocean. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like packing up everything you own, moving to a town where you don’t know anyone, and living a life doing whatever makes you happy. Look at me, I even made a montage to celebrate 3 seasons of island life!



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