About Me.

In the short: I blog about things that happen.

my sister throwing leaves at me while I’m incapable of defending myself. Mum and dad saw a photo op.

The long version?

Well, I’m 22 years old, born and raised on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario. I grew up gardening fresh fruits and veggies with my parents and playing in the mud with my brother and sister. I have a deep love of everything natural and my favourite pastime is discovering and documenting all the incredible beings I share this beautiful planet with. I’ve been a photo/video junkie for as long as I can remember, and if I had kept every camera I’ve had over the course of my life so far, the collection would go dozens deep. This hobby comes in handy, of course, seeing as my family and friends are absolutely beautiful, and that little sass-queen pictured above? She went on to bless me with my first nephew, and even introduced me to my best friend and partner in crime, Conor.
Today, Conor and I live on the west coast of Canada – opposite everything familiar – on the beautiful Vancouver Island, where we share our home with our two cats, Dexter and Zoey.

this one of me was taken by Conor, not too far from home here on Van Isle.

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