There’s this song lyric that keeps bouncing back into my mind, ever since I heard it for the first time: “a life lived for art is never a life wasted”. I chuckle to myself whenever I quote it – after all, there’s something quite comical about taking life advice from rappers – but it has always resonated with me. The lyric actually comes from a fantastic song titled Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore, but it’s true about more than just rap. In fact, it’s universal: no matter your craft, you need to stay dedicated in order to see results.

And so, over the past year now, I’ve attacked my goals with an entirely new sense of purpose. I had this blog concept sitting in the back of my mind, and until then I’d never had the resources to make it happen. It was called Rambling and Roving, and it would entail exactly as much as it’s name suggested: walking and talking.

I’ve always spent a lot of time in the forests. Ever since I was a kid, that’s where I’ve felt the most at home. The only true spirituality I’ve ever experienced was out in the bush. Now, add mountains and beaches into that landscape, and you start to get an idea of the kind of bliss Van Island has to offer me. With the fortune of calling Canada home also comes the great responsibility of protecting it. It didn’t take long for my camp counselor’s voice to start ringing through my head, chanting Leave No Trace!

So I write: to share with the family and friends I left behind in pursuit of my craft, to educate others about this beautiful utopia at our feet and fingertips, and for my own selfish catharsis.

Browse the roving gallery or explore the ramblings of the blog, whatever suits your fancy. If you’re looking for a particular Vancouver Island subject or hike that you don’t see here on the website, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly and I’ll make that my next article! Be sure to leave your social media info, though, so you can be featured as the inspiration behind the post.



About Me

In the short: I blog about things that happen.

my sister throwing leaves at me while I’m incapable of defending myself. Mum and dad saw a photo op.

The long version?

Well, I’m 22 years old, born and raised on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario. I grew up gardening fresh fruits and veggies with my parents and playing in the mud with my brother and sister. I have a deep love of everything natural and my favourite pastime is discovering and documenting all the incredible beings I share this beautiful planet with. I’ve been a photo/video junkie for as long as I can remember, and if I had kept every camera I’ve had over the course of my life so far, the collection would go dozens deep. This hobby comes in handy, of course, seeing as my family and friends are absolutely beautiful, and that little sass-queen pictured above? She went on to bless me with my first nephew, and even introduced me to my best friend and partner in crime, Conor.
Today, Conor and I live on the west coast of Canada – opposite everything familiar – on the beautiful Vancouver Island, where we share our home with our two cats, Dexter and Zoey.

this one of me was taken by Conor, not too far from home here on Van Isle.

About the Blog

I don’t know why, but those closest to me have always encouraged me to continue writing and taking pictures. Maybe my parents saw a talent from a young age, or perhaps they’ve always wanted someone in the family who would document everything. I doubt they imagined photography and writing would become one of their few direct links to their youngest child, living on the opposite side of the worlds second largest country.

I started this blog long before I moved to Vancouver Island, because I had always had the intention of doing exactly what the name entails: traveling and writing about it. In high school, I dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, venturing the world and selling my photos to magazines like National Geographic. Well, on a more realistic scale, I may one day have a photo featured on Can Geo’s website, but a similar dream lives on in me today.

The content you will find on this blog varies, from personal anecdotes about mental illness to detailing the weekend adventures we have while hiking. Most of the content relates back to nature and well-being, so if that strikes your fancy, you’ve come to the right place.

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Welcome to the heart – or perhaps mind – of Rambling & Roving. Here you will find personal anecdotes, musings about mental health, tips on hiking and photography, and so much more to come. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a load off, and browse the many meditations you’ll find here! Who knows, you may even be inclined to follow the blog for all our future posts.



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