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Our collection has grown significantly since this project first began, and we now have enough trail recommendations to create in-depth park guides for many of the most notable provincial and regional parks of southern Vancouver Island. From camping and fishing to kayaking and hiking, there are ample adventure opportunities for all skill and experience levels, and the Victoria area is working hard to make exploring easy and accessible to all- and we’re here to help.

Check back again soon for more resources, as this page will be updated much more regularly coming into the new year. In the meantime, stay in the loop over on Kat’s instagram and get a sneak peak of some of the adventure before it gets shared on here!

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Kat grew up in the boonies north of Kingston, ON, where she spent most of her youth exploring the southern stretches of the Canadian Shield. Summers spent visiting family on Prince Edward Island and frequent roadtrips exploring all along the east coast ignited a fire for travel photography deep inside her, stoked by the support of a family full of photo nerds.

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Conor comes from a family of adrenaline junkies, so he’s always had a knack for finding adventure. With a natural eye for film and his awesome adventurous spirit, Conor has become a force to be reckoned with. Though it wasn’t until he met Kat and they moved out west that he found himself a fiend for photography, he certainly looks like he’s been doing this for years.

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In 2016, Conor decide to pursue a career as a plumber/gasfitter, and searched Canada from East to West looking for a way to break into the trade. With the help of some family and friends, he found a job as an apprentice on Vancouver Island, and just a few weeks later he and Kat packed up their 2 cats and drove across the country and into the next chapter of their life together.
Nowadays, they dedicate their weekends to discovering their new surroundings. Whether exploring close to home in the Sooke Hills or road-tripping up island to explore Strathcona-Westmin, Conor and Kat have developed a dangerous addiction to adventure.


About the Blog

I don’t know why, but those closest to me have always encouraged me to continue writing and taking pictures. Maybe my parents saw a talent from a young age, or perhaps they’ve always wanted someone in the family who would document everything. I doubt they imagined photography and writing would become one of their few direct links to their youngest child, living on the opposite side of the worlds second largest country.

I started this blog long before I moved to Vancouver Island, because I had always had the intention of doing exactly what the name entails: traveling and writing about it. In high school, I dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, venturing the world and selling my photos to magazines like National Geographic. Well, on a more realistic scale, I may one day have a photo featured on Can Geo’s website, but a similar dream lives on in me today.

The content you will find on this blog varies, from personal anecdotes about mental illness to detailing the weekend adventures we have while hiking. Most of the content relates back to nature and well-being, so if that strikes your fancy, you’ve come to the right place.

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Welcome to the heart – or perhaps mind – of Rambling & Roving. Here you will find personal anecdotes, musings about mental health, tips on hiking and photography, and so much more to come. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a load off, and browse the many meditations you’ll find here! Who knows, you may even be inclined to follow the blog for all our future posts.



When the Mountains Meet the Oceans: Exploring Vancouver Island’s Coastal Bluffs

I’ve always loved the ocean, and ever since moving to British Columbia, I’ve fallen in love with the mountains, too. So it likely comes as no surprise that I get really excited when the opportunity arises for those interests to intersect. Well, blessed are we who call Vancouver Island home, because these views are readily …

We Found A Secret Waterfall?

Through our many adventures in and around Sooke, we’ve been graced with the opportunity to connect with a myriad of other explorers in the most incredible ways. We moved here at the beginning of September, the end of Vancouver Island’s tourist season, and were immediately met with a warm welcome from locals. The list of “must-see’s” grew quickly, and it wasn’t long before we were out adventuring the nearby parks for ourselves.

The Many Wonders of Juan de Fuca

Well, like my last post said, the fog rolled in late last Friday and cleared the Vancouver Island’s skies of smoke, and my urge to get back out on the trails is back. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t get out on the trails for a back-burning trek through the wilderness this weekend, so instead, I sit behind my computer screen editing photos…