Rambling and Roving was initially designed for purely selfish reasons: I had lost touch with my passion for nature and wanted desperately to find a way to reconnect. When my partner and I moved to Vancouver Island, we were overwhelmed by the number of parks around us. We couldn’t keep driving up and down the highway and passing by all the beauty at our finger tips.

We were so used to stiff, adolescent trees, we had never seen their roots sprawl deep and far into the earth and their branches stretch up so high they must touch the stars.


Canada’s Gnarliest Tree


We had grown accustomed to cityscapes and foggy skies, we forgot what it looked like to see the beach go on for miles without a soul in sight and how intensely the moon can light the night sky.

I had never hiked up a mountain or crossed a trestle or felt the spray of the Pacific Ocean, but these became regular occurrences for me in my west coast life.

Canada’s Tallest Wooden Trestle

As I started to share these experiences online, I got a tremendous amount of feedback, from family, friends, strangers, and people I hadn’t spoken to in years. Everyone was loving the journey I was on, wanting me to share more in-depth than just Instagram captions and Facebook check-ins. As a writer, I was ecstatic people were asking me share more, and as a photographer, I felt successful in initiating a response from my audience. I had an idea percolating for a while now, one to create a sort of log of my adventures, and so Rambling and Roving was born.

As the blog grew, I did too, and now the attention has been drawn away from a personal journal and towards an online resource for Vancouver Island trails. Posts have started to evolve into articles and the photos have become less artistic and more documentary, though the tendency to ramble on hasn’t withered at all.

Browse the roving gallery or explore the ramblings of the blog, whatever suits your fancy. If you’re looking for a particular Vancouver Island subject or hike that you don’t see here on the website, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly and I’ll make that my next article! Be sure to leave your social media info, though, so you can be featured as the inspiration behind the post.